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It’s been a ridiculously long and stressful week. I earned this. #treatyoself #thankgodforbloodymarys #andpickledokra

It’s been a ridiculously long and stressful week. I earned this. #treatyoself #thankgodforbloodymarys #andpickledokra

I’m REALLY glad you grew your eyebrows out.

Spent all week stressing out over the training I was scheduled to lead today and Monday for a client. Everything seemed to be going wrong, with their user licenses and the data migration and the configuration still left to be done.

I worked late, started work early, lost sleep. I literally dreamed about Salesforce (like, ew, c’mon). Last night my back/neck/shoulders were so knotted I could hardly sit normally.

This morning I finally felt sort-of-kind-of ready for the training. We got started and things were going smoothly, and then…
The client’s browser kept crashing, their projector was broken, they couldn’t install the conference software on their computers, etc. They had clearly done zero prep work to prepare the training room.

So much stress for nothing.

Go figure.

On dating me:

    Me: k I made a spreadsheet and just shared it with you

My life outside of tumblr:


    Me: he just walked past our house

    T: GET IT


Ugh, I just saw an article that said The West Wing is now 15 years old. Which means I feel ANCIENT.

There’s not enough caffeine in the world for today.

On “mentors”:

So, at my job, we have a “mentor” system, where new employees get paired with a mentor that has more experience and can help answer both technical questions and more broad questions about the company and how things are done. Ideally, mentors have been around long enough to have plenty of experience, but not so long that they don’t remember what it’s like to be new anymore.

When I first started, the mentor I got paired with was AWESOME. We’re very close in age and seem to have similar personalities/working styles. She had been working here just under three years. She was great, not only at answering my questions, but anticipating what sort of feedback or direction would be most helpful for me on project tasks.

But, last month, she quit so that she could help her family out with the “family business.”

The new mentor I got assigned is…well, she’s still very friendly. She has a TON of technical knowledge and experience. But she’s been around for 8+ years, and she has her own way of doing things.

She’s the sort of person who hates to waste time, which means usually, if she’s offering feedback, it’s minimal. Sometimes she answers questions as briefly as possible, just “Yes/No,” or “That won’t work.” And it’s just…not super helpful. So I’m a little frustrated.

Gustav Klimt, The Beethoven Frieze (detail), 1902
Gustav Klimt, The Beethoven Frieze (detail), 1902

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